Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping


American readers are probably familiar with  the Stop Shopping Choir, but Gert wasn’t until she heard the Rev Billy interviewed on Phil Adams’ Late Night Live.

Meet Reverend Billy, a crusader against consumerism, a prophet for social justice, a man who preaches against the poisons in our culture. He and his Church of Stop Shopping have taken up causes like environmentalism and Black Lives Matter – and he tells Phillip that they’re all linked. Amen to that.’s-unholy-wars/7625244

It did Gert’s Bolshie heart good to hear this man, “Elvis meets Billy Graham”,  who’s been banned from Disneyland for making a fire-and-brimstone sermon against Mickey Mouse,   banned from every Starbucks in the world, and  coined the word “Shopocalypse” to describe our society. Hallelluia and praise the Lord!

2 thoughts on “Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping

  1. Our whole economy is based upon this “getting and spending” mentality ( especially on borrowed money). Maybe Reverend Billy is more successful than anyone could imagine. The Federal Reserve in the US is not raising rates which means the economy is in the tank. Not enough people out there getting and spending.

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