Gert is grouchy



No names, no pack drill as they used to say in the army, but Gert was shocked to her bootstraps to read sentences like this in a book that has received some praise:

The longer she read about eating buffalo over an open fire the stronger M. felt dissatisfied with her breakfast of toast and jam.

It felt like a guilty pleasure to enjoy it so much, and M knew he was being marketed to, but no  more than the inner-city suburb he had left behind in S. that sold ideas of vibrant unconventionality…

Though one of the states in Australia, Tasmania’s island locale made its landscape distinct from the mainland.

On the covered verandah at the front of the house stood a firewood box that M hefted his suitcase on top of so he could rummage through his clothes for a coat…

An exhausting and demanding process that he was now thoroughly tired of and frustrated by its devaluing rewards.

His companion, however,  was happily nodding his head to the rhythmic swing of Middle-Eastern jazz as he also greedily devoured the moreish meal.

Like a well-fed cat killing a bird for sport, was her quarry now devoid of all attraction now the hunt was over?

This is just awful, awful writing. How could it get past an editor at one of Australia’s best publishers?

Ah! Gert feels better now she’s got that off her chest.


13 thoughts on “Gert is grouchy

  1. The more I read them the more my eyes widen. A cat likened to her quarry? A firewood box that someone hefts their suitcase on top of?! And someone eating buffalo over an open fire?!! The last scenario sounds excruciating!

    1. The cat one is particularly bad. I’m a pedant, I know, but you don’t have to be one to find this writing ugly and clumsy. How could it get past a copy editor?
      Oh, the world is going to the dogs, me boy.

        1. A thing of beauty is a joy forever! Well done. Surely you don’t mean the silver-tongued Trump? Commentators here are always saying, “This time he’s really gone too far”. Do you think he has?

          1. Every time he’s gone too far, he finds a way to go further. Now he’s threatening Hillary — lawyers point out that it’s unlikely that his speech could be found criminal, but morally and ethically, many think that it’s not even a close call. He gets lots of attention for the things he says, and his people love every word, but looks like maybe more people are beginning to wonder if this is really Presidential. It’s complicated because of all of the down-ticket races too, and by the fact that a lot of people really don’t like Hillary. I personally do, but lots don’t. Nothing in the books that helps much in predicting how this might turn out. People cite examples of other unpopular candidates, but the world is different now.

  2. Yes, I read that, and the fact that his insulting the parents of the Muslim soldier took all the attention away from some things that should have been bad for Hillary. I know his tactic is “all attention is good attention”, but in that case it backfired. If “character is destiny” he certainly should be buried in a landslide no matter how unpopular Hillary is. I believe even P.J. O’Rourke is voting for her.

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