Thy glorious behind



More from The Stuffed Owl to inspire your poetic efforts:

They went across the veldt

As hard as they could pelt (Alfred Austin)


The beetle booms adown the glooms

And bumps along the clumps (Author Unknown)


So ’tis with Christians, Nature being weak,

While in this world, are liable to leak (William Balmford)

(What does this mean? Answers on a very small piece of paper, please.)


No more will I endure Love’s pleasing pain

Nor round my heart’s leg tie his galling chain ( A Young Tradesman Poet)


Poor South! Her books get fewer and fewer.

She never was much given to literature (J. Gordon Coogler)


Oh moon when I gaze on thy glorious face,

Careering along through the boundaries of space,

The thought has often come into my mind

If I ever shall see thy glorious behind. (A Housemaid Poet)


Perhaps the Housemaid Poet was inspired by Vaughan’s line:

How brave a prospect is a bright backside!

8 thoughts on “Thy glorious behind

  1. I rather like the beetles, but refuse to touch the Christians. There are several William Balmfords, including one who is a PhD candidate in Melbourne. I’m guessing it’s one of the earlier ones who had such a damp view of Christians?

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