Weasel Words – Absolute fact


In honour of the upcoming US Presidential debates, here’s a repost from 2014:

  Absolute fact:
  1. Not fiction; even more factual than a fact; incontrovertible, and there are pictures to prove it.
  2. Absolute humbug, hogwash, eyewash, dupery, flimflam, deceit, lie, etc.

Watson’s Dictionary of Weasel Words: Contemporary cliches, cant & management jargon (Random House 2004) p. 12.

7 thoughts on “Weasel Words – Absolute fact

      1. We are uncertain about watching. Our friends range from those panning to watch on their large-screen TV, the whole thing, to those only listening on radio, to us who are thinking that we will stay on our computers and take peeks now and then, assured that we have safe refuge in some innocuous website when it gets to be too much to bear.

        1. We will fire up the TV but stand ready to mute it. What a strange country you live in. On one of our political programs the other day we saw a clip of a TV host who was just about foaming at the mouth. He was shouting so loudly you couldn’t understand what he was saying. We have some shock jocks but not in the same league.

          1. We have a small TV that lives downstairs in a corner, almost never hooked up. We are spared most of what’s on TV — but that also leaves us quite out of touch with aforesaid shock jocks, etc.

            Your Pauline Hanson (making international news) seems to be on the same page with Mr. Trump when it comes to solving the problem of having groups of people in the country who she doesn’t like. They should just leave.

            We will be interested to hear what your view of the debate is.

            1. Pauline is a nightmare, but unfortunately she does represent the ever-present and increasingly numerous “them and us” club. She was in parliament 20 years ago on an anti-aboriginal, anti-Asian platform, and has been trying to get back in unsuccessfully ever since then. This time it’s anti-Muslim as well as a raft of other chip-on-the-shoulder issues like the Family Court, which she wants to replace with a panel of “ordinary Australians” to make decisions about what happens to kids in a messy divorce.
              We were horrified to hear on PBS the other night the things Trump could do under executive powers on the very first day of his presidency. Here I was thinking he’d never get most of his stuff through Congress and it turns out he doesn’t have to.

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