Doggone it


Gert’s  having another of those wordy fits….

a dog’s life    a dog’s breakfast   a dog’s dinner      doggedly          dog his footsteps    hounded      barking up the wrong tree       barking mad       the hound of heaven               you ain’t nuthin but a hound dog       sniff it out       on the scent    a gay dog        you old dog      young dog     dead dog      hot dog   sly dog   dirty dog   you cur       dogleg   dogdays   the dog it was that died         dogstar     man bites dog   cheeky young pup      puppyish     doggy dos     houndstooth     dogtooth     dog-eared dogface     lie doggo          when Methuselah was a pup              poodle cut           gone to the dogs       woofer and tweeter       can’t teach an old dog new tricks       die like a dog     dog eat dog                   like a dog to its vomit                     three dog night     raining cats and dogs       dogged by fate               work like a dog    like a dog with a bone   sick as a dog     wolf whistle      a wolf in sheep’s clothing   a wolf among the lambs          wolf your food     mad dogs and Englishmen     the dogs of war     throw physic to the dogs   snappy      sick as a dog      nipping at my  heels    howling at the moon         hark hark the dogs do bark           hot diggity dog   top dog      underdog       leader of the pack                 if you want a friend in politics get a dog      downward dog    up-facing dog   down boy!       sic ’em   one man and a dog            every dog has its day     firedogs         going to see a man about a dog       thin as a whippet           the tail wagging the dog       Pavlov’s dog                   let sleeping dogs lie     chasing your tail      a hair of the dog                 dogpaddle       in the doghouse        a hangdog look    give a dog a bad name    lapdog    poodle    bloodhound    have a dog in the fight    follow your nose   thrown to the dogs   fight like cat and dog


Dog image:

16 thoughts on “Doggone it

  1. Doggie style, doggone it, call the dogs off, dog and pony show, his bark is worse than his bite, every dog has its day, can’t teach an old dog new tricks, it’s a dog’s life

  2. All bark and no bite
    Hark, hark, the dogs do bark
    The little dog laughed to see such fun
    Old Mother Hubbard she went to the cupboard to fetch the doggie a bone …
    Dog and bone (phone)
    Raining cats and dogs
    Snips and snails and puppy dogs tails
    Vicar’s dog collar

    1. Yes, and you can say ‘a mongrel of a day’, ‘a mongrel of a job’. I like the idea of turning ‘mongrel’ into a verb so you could mongrel someone or something.

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