Gert’s Christmas quiz

Polar Bear (Sow), Near Kaktovik, Barter Island, Alaska

To while away the sleepy hours of Boxing Day, here’s Gert’s Musical and Literary Bears Xmas quiz, in honour of the patron saints of literature and music, Shakesbeare and Bearthoven.

Any answer that’s remotely correct will do. What have you got to lose? as Donald Trump would say.

The prize is your very own real polar bear (see picture above).

1. Old English bear who had trouble with monsters  ✔

2. Cheeky Chaucerian widow bear

3. Murderous theatrical and operatic Scottish bear ✔    ✔

4. Singing Japanese lady bear  ✔

5. Debussy’s shining night bear  ✔

6. This bear sings while he cuts your hair and shaves you  ✔

7. Another operatic bear, a Scottish lady on a very bad date

8. American poet bear with a friend called Henry  ✔

9. French existentialist lady bear with a boyfriend called Jean-Paul   ✔

10. Very gloomy French bears who later starred in a musical  ✔

11. Henry Higgins’ bear  ✔ (but there’s another possible answer)

12. This singing bear was a funny girl  ✔

13. Four singing Swedish bears ✔

14. Dom de Lillo’s unstable bear ✔

15. This hot singing bear is known for her lemonade  ✔

Image: By Alan Wilson ( [1]) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

We have quite a lot of dog-blog followers. We’re hoping now for an inrush of bear-blogs.

36 thoughts on “Gert’s Christmas quiz

    1. Oh — glad that we are not quite so far off. Because it’s the first day of Hanukah and we share both holidays with our Jewish friend we will be having latkes for Christmas dinner, and her special Hanukah cookies. Happy you’ve had a great day, and hope it lingers on into Boxing Day and the rest of the week until New Year’s.

  1. Bearing in mind that Christmas represents Jesus’ official bearthday, this post was quite appropriate.
    Incidentally, a variation on Beowulf as a likely answer to one of your questions is doubly apt: Beowulf, literally ‘bee-enemy’, is — as a name for a warrior much given to murderous bear hugs — a kenning for said hirsute beast (as you well know).

    Here in old Blighty, midway between Antipodes and Alaska and under the Arctic sky (‘arktos’ is Greek for bear) it’s still Christmas, so bear with me for not offering my guesses for the other quizzical conundrums.

    Nadolig Llawen!

  2. 8. John Bearyman (one of my favourite dreamers)
    11. George Bearnard Shaw
    15. Bearyonce

    That was fun! I have a few more but don’t want to answer too many. Happy Christmas to you!

    1. A guess for number three although I think “murderous” but not actually “murdering” is Ubearto di Snowdon, alias of Giacomo V, Re di Scozia, in “La donna del lago”

      And could 5 be “Bear de Lune?”

      1. Bear de Lune it is. And we take our hats off to you for Ubearto Di Snowdon, who hadn’t even occurred to us. There’s a simpler answer – this bear had a wife – where is she now?

        You’re thundering down the straight on your way to claim the prize, Gubbinal.

            1. I thought of number 12 first, yesterday. It came to me as smooth as “buttah”. It must be Bearbra Streisand—or perhaps Barbear Streisand?

              Is La Jeaune Fille de Bearth in there someplace?

      1. Turkey is done. Now the cleanup begins. Happy New year to you two, too. BTW, one of my gifts was “Do Not Say We have Nothing” by Madeleine Thien. I think she got the Man Booker Prize for 2016.

        1. I’ve heard of it. It sounds really interesting, and I didn’t realise she was Canadian. By the way, I thought of you recently when I read that Viola Desmond is going to be the first woman on a Canadian banknote.

    1. ABBEAR it is. As you have already given 2 answers to Henry Higgins we can tell you we were thinking of My Bear Lady. Simple souls, as I said.

      Where would you like your polar bear sent?

  3. Is two the Wife of Bearth? And when will you reveal the Scottish lady on a bad date? I keep swirling that through my brain and coming up empty. Even through my bearain I come up bearly aware of what it could be!

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