Mörder Guss Reims: Putze Gatt! Putze Gatt!


By popular demand we present another nursery rhyme from this intriguing volume.

You must read this aloud to appreciate it:

Putze Gatt! Putze Gatt! Wer auf Schuh Bein?

Eiben Toulon denn. Du Lüge dick – Wien!

Putze Gatt! Putze Gatt! Watt’die Schuh der?

Affe reiten die Fleidermaus und der Herr Scheer.

Mörder Guss Reims, from the original manuscript of Professor Leberwurst,  transcribed and annotated by John Hulme (Angus & Robertson, 1981).

Mörder Guss Reims - John Hulme

12 thoughts on “Mörder Guss Reims: Putze Gatt! Putze Gatt!

  1. Sounds insulting and somewhat obscene. I did make an effort to translate it, using my translation class skills and some online resources (and my rusty German) and it still sounds insulting and somewhat obscene, and makes very little sense. Nothing particularly suggests a nursery rhyme! Does Mr. Hulme have a translation?

        1. No, you have to think of a nursery rhyme that starts, “Pussy cat, pussy cat”. His version of Baa Baa Black Sheep starts “Barbar Blech! Schieb Haff juvenil wüll”, to give you an idea of his style.
          But perhaps American tinies don’t know this pussy cat one?

    1. It’s nonsense German that sounds (sort of) like the original when you say it phonetically. There’s a French version of the book too, called “Mots D’Heures, Gousses, Rames”.

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