Tweet along with Gert

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Hare was cheated in rigged race! Low-energy Tortoise continued during rest breaks. Not fair!

Gert has made up a few of her own:

President Lear made one big mistake!  Trusted crooked Reagan and Gonarial – Clinton cronies. SAD!

Toad broke world record in Trump car! Make Toad Hall great again!

50 Shades of Grey weak effort. Trump more shades of grey than any time in history. Period!

Cat in great Ivanka Trump hat. Hot!

Puss in Boots- never happened. Fake news media!

Make America brave new world!

Silent spring should stop whining and keep mouth shut!

Media covered up Magic Faraway Tree Massacre. You know why! BAD!

Karl Marx, bad hombre. Will get into US if crooked courts win. SAD!

11 thoughts on “Tweet along with Gert

    1. You’ll be interested in this, Chris. I was just listening to a podcast on “agnatology”, which is a term a a researcher coined to mean the study of ignorance, and he was talking about the Goebbels effect (a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth). Their theory is that a repeated statement is much easier for the brain to process and it just slips past our normal screening and feels like fact. The other things they’ve found that work in the same way are short statements, very simple language and contrast fonts, like capitals, bold, and of course exclamation marks. FACT!

      1. When I were nobbut a schoolboy I were told this was called LCD language, talking to the lowest common denominator. (We were subsequently informed it meant liquid crystal display,and now … ?) There are still people who assert that the EU insists that we in the UK have straight bananas, a factoid so often repeated by mischief makers that it’s become the ultimate symbol of European perfidy. As though straight bananas somehow were more sinistet than bent ones.

          1. The £35m a week was a downright falsehood on two counts.
            1. After the UK got its agreed rebates (concessions agreed during and since the days of Thatcher) that figure is a lot lower, and of course the UK’s economically deprived areas (like Wales) got a lot of that back in EU funding for projects and subsidies.
            2. All the pro-Brexit politicians (whether left and right) who had stood before the slogan for photo ops either have forgotten the promise or are saying we can’t afford it now. WTF?

              1. No, it’s still hanging around as a meme on Facebook and other social media — the Remainers won’t allow the perpetrators to forget their empty promises …

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