When best-dressed is undressed

Who says Australia’s a cultural backwater? Rafael Bonachela and the Sydney Dance Company’s Sydney Festival show last month was a world first: nude dancers in front of nude paintings before a nude audience. Strangely enough, the nude-audience shows sold out faster than the clothed shows.


(nice video here). It seems rather a pity that these lovely bodies should be surrounded by the lumpen bodies of us ordinaries, though.

This is the logical outcome of a trend: Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art has had  naked tours for some years.  But why stop there? Why not all-nude football games? All-nude sittings of Parliament? (What a great way for pollies to get in touch with “the man in the street”.) Nude public transport?  Nude law courts?

13 thoughts on “When best-dressed is undressed

  1. Nude politicians, that’s what we need. Then there’s nothing for them to hide behind — we’ll be sitting there judging them, seeing if their public statements match up to their underlying beliefs. Yes, politicians under proper public scrutiny: made ’em squirm!

    1. With any luck, it might also stop certain people from entering politics. But perhaps not – there doesn’t seem to be a lot of realistic self-assessment there. We have a particularly smug one who’s always putting his foot in it and continues to look just as pleased with himself. A journalist recently described him as being like Humphry B. Bear trying to play the flute and not realising he hasn’t got any trousers on.

  2. Well Gert, I really enjoyed the naked ballet. BTW, the Sydney’s Art Museum was fantastic. I would love to see that.
    Your weather might be more conducive to nudity. I can just imagine our Parliamentarians cowering from the cold. My goal is to put their feet to the fire.

            1. Let’s hope the Trump experiment will put people off. Nice tweet in a report I just read – T has spent 25 hours playing golf, 21 hours in foreign affairs briefings and 13 hours tweeting in the past few weeks.

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