Another fine mess I’ve got me in



                                                                FIND YOURSELF

said the sign on the wall of the shopping centre, picked out in deeper grey tiles against shopping-centre grey.  It’s about time, thought Gert,  so off she went…….

and look what she found:


Yikes! Advice, please. How can Gert lose herself again?

Image: Wikimedia Commons

15 thoughts on “Another fine mess I’ve got me in

  1. One of your more enigmatic posts, Gert. Are you suggesting that Munch’s vision of the tortured self is waiting for us all on a shopping centre wall somewhere? I hope not!

    1. Best not to find yourself, is my advice. Perhaps there should have been a disclaimer underneath – “Market Square takes no reponsibility for any consequences…”

    1. Very sensible. Was talking to some people last night about whether chimney sweeps and children working in bottle factories ever found themselves. Let alone harassed mothers of large families.

      1. I believe that my mother who raised seven children on a very slim budget would fit the category of harassed mother of large family. I came to believe that her statement that she wanted a dozen children really reflected her basic desire. She was a teacher by nature, and a dozen kids of different ages would be an ideal classroom. When she was in her late 80s and recovering from a near-death illness, she spent her days with the in-home caretakers organizing projects for them to do — make Valentines and the like. So, yes, she did find herself, although I think she was more certain about it when she was in her 70s and all of the kids were out of the house. I agree — finding oneself can be a bit of a luxury.

        1. It’s a bit of a disease of our age, I think. Is there any such thing as “the” self, anyway? I think what you describe with your other is pretty much what we’d all hope for in old age – to feel at ease in our own skin, not always striving for something more.

          1. We got “Know thyself,” as if there was only one of us, thrown at us a lot when we were growing up in the 1950s, and it was emphasized that it came with a distinguished lineage. [Actually, an interesting one: When I decided in my mid-30s that it wasn’t really possible, and decided on several selves, I was considerably happier. And yes, feeling at ease is a big improvement on that constant searching.

  2. I suspect that many of us prefer to search for wealth, power, fame or admiration rather than self: the fear must be that if we each find that self it would be like a wizened ugly grumpy troll in a hole, something we dare not face up to.

    I discount your good selves from this nightmare vision, of course.

  3. Oh Gert, I think you’re more like one of the women in my painting who’s washing their hair. The Scream is such an iconic painting we can all identify with at sometime or other, but it’s so frantic.

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