Clive alive-o

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Green roses/purple oceans/Yellow feelings/quiet thunder/Loud ants/Awkward

This interesting piece of wordplay comes from Clive Palmer, Australia’s answer to Donald Trump – a loud, fat businessman with a big ego and a fluid relationship with business ethics. Clive got into parliament in 2013 on a populist wave, but the love affair with the Palmer Party didn’t last. Now an ex-parliamentarian, he is fighting various court cases but has found time to devote himself to losing weight (30 kilograms) and writing poetry, which he puts out on his twitter and facebook accounts.

Here’s another one inspired by his love for the Australian chocolate biscuits Tim Tams:

TimTam Split/Split a Tim Tam/Insert Banana/Rap (sic) in a crepe/Put between two TimTams/Ice Cream/Surrounded by Whipped Cream/Cherry on Top

“When you’re on a diet you think about food a lot, and poetry sort of comes from within you,” says Clive.

Is this what we have to look forward to from Donald Trump some day? Bring it on. Clive may be big, but Donald’s YUGE!


15 thoughts on “Clive alive-o

    1. I don’t know: surely some enterprising mind can fashion pithy epigrams from Donald’s tweets. (Not me, though.) Must be a cryptic haiku, senryu or limerick in there somewhere waiting to be revealed to a cynical world …

        1. “Frew range poetry” sounds just right for a country girl like Palin, with her homespun philosophy and gun-totin’ preferences. I just wouldn’t want to be a possible target of hers on that range …

            1. If Donald had time for poetry it wouildbe the best poetry ever written in the history of the world . I believe the ceiling in Trump Tower is the equal of the Sistine Chapel.

  1. I don’t think “the Donald” is too fixed on food. He’s on the hefty side but probably not obese.
    As for poetry, I doubt that he’s very interested in that either.

      1. Junk food and over cooked steak not the greatest. I think Elvis used to eat deep fried peanut butter sandwiches probably with marshmallows.

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