A new business model for online news


Sydney café closes children’s playroom after ‘disgusting’ behaviour

We all know it’s a free-for-all among the news media these days: how do you attract readers while at the same time containing costs? Gert had a brainwave after she read these enticing headlines directing her to online articles:

How Older Men Tighten Their Skin

 10 Things that Really Turn Off Women

 Gravy wrestlers battle it out for world title

Why bother reading the articles? Gert had a lot of fun imagining strange ways for older men to tighten their skin, really revolting things men could do to turn off women, and entering in spirit into the gravy-wrestling. And aren’t these articles always a let-down if you do yield to the click temptation?

What if news media only provided headlines and left the rest to the reader’s imagination? What a saving in journalists’ wages, research, and all that boring stuff. And what a gift to the nation, awakening the almost-dead imagination of the population. Here are a few headlines to get you started:

Prince Phillip’s bizarre secret

Polar bear art

Sandwich swallows toddler

36 things you should never do in public








8 thoughts on “A new business model for online news

  1. Nudist Camp agrees to hold medal pinning ceremony
    Debutante’s ball turns ugly
    Geriatric man amasses stockpile of viagra
    Castaway granny used knickers to sail to freedom
    Cheating hubbie caught in Santa’s grotto
    Cross dressing husband posed as his own wife
    Public toilet closure causes mass panic in London
    Australians decide to send their convicts to Britain and slash national budget in half.
    Queen quits and hitchhikes to Marrakesh
    Camel loose in New York starts new taxi trend

    1. I don’t know about Canada, but well before the days of internet there were newspapers here that used to have the most ridiculous headlines to get people to buy the paper. So I suppose it’s not new.

    1. “The World’s Only Reliable News”! Reminds me of a paper here that was called “Truth” and of course was anything but. (People used to claim they only read it for the racing news). Now you’ve got me dreaming about the fantasy hair competition…l

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