You egg!


We’ve written before about that excellent Shakespearean insult, “Thou cream-faced loon”. Shakes also has a rump-fed runyon, an obscene tub of lard, a salted cod, a roasted Manningtree ox,  and of course “you egg!”

Gert has been turning her mind to insults that involve food.

A turnip, a couch potato,  a silly sausage, a string bean, fish-face, pieface, a tart, chicken,  nuts, bananas, oily, a jammy bastard, a sandwich short of a picnic, pea-brain, a bad apple, a ham, a turkey, an old boiler,  an old trout, butterfingers, beefcake, tripe, mutton dressed up as lamb, a lemon, cheese-eating surrender monkeys, make a hash of it, crumby, beefy,  milksop, you’re toast,  soupy, corny, vinegary, fudge, telling porkies, a mess of pottage, a cream puff, bananas, waffle, a cheesy grin…..

and we can make up our own: biscuit face, like a tomato in a tutu, prawning about…

13 thoughts on “You egg!

  1. Mutton dressed up as lamb
    Dressed up like a dog’s dinner
    lard butt (very popular over here)
    You’re nuttier than a fruitcake
    Pea brain
    Pizza face (esp for those with acne, cruel, I know)

  2. Cadbury’s chocolates ran a campaign once extolling the virtues of one of its products for fruit-and-nutcases. Not very PC now and not insulting at all. I also vaguely remember a food-related expletive from La Fontaine’s fables: ‘espece d’andouilles!’ which I think means ‘you type of tripe sausage!’ or summat like that. And Jammy Dodgers (now a kind of glutinous biscuit) perhaps started off as a substitute for ‘you lucky bastard’ though I’m speculating.

    I think you’ve covered the field here, Gert, so may I humbly offer a couple of made-up ruderies? Though you may regard them as so much hogwash or a mess of potage. (Though, mind, these are the words of a cowardy custard.)

    You blancmange! (Say it with feeling: Yuh bluhmonj!)
    You some kinda muesli knitter? (Say it with neocon fervour.)

    My brain hurts.

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