John Clarke: The Tournament



Nijinsky continues to look fabulous, although after the match he described himself as “the Supreme Being” and offered to describe how he created the world. Friends say this is not a good sign.


Perhaps the most emphatic win was Ayn Rand’s annihilation of Beatrix Potter. Rand was brought up in Russia but lives now in the US where she thrives on the lucrative American circuit. She will appear before a hearing tomorrow night over an incident following the toss. The player shook hands. “Good luck, Ayn,” said Potter.

“Get our of my way,” replied Rand, ‘or I’ll fucking kill you.”


“Great to be here,” said Ernie [Hemingway]. “The plane was high in the air. I slept and then I ate and drank and slept again. The sun came up. I drank again and then I slept. Then the plane banked and came in and landed and stopped and I could hear the great big engines being turned off. That’s the way it is.”


4 thoughts on “John Clarke: The Tournament

  1. We will miss his po faced satire so much….tough to lose him when the field of idiot politicians has never been stronger. Vale John mate, and good to know you clocked off on Mt Abrupt. Other Gert

  2. I remember seeing a picture of Ayn Rand at a dinner party with Alan Greenspan. That explains a lot about the US economy. We need more people like John Clarke to expose these rascals.

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