Mary Poppins meets American Psycho


Gert has recently come across the series of “Five” Books by Bruno Vincent: Five Give Up The Booze, Five Go Gluten Free, etc, and Jason Hazeley’s Ladybird series –The Ladybird Book of the Hangover, The Ladybird Book of the Do-Gooder…

This has given her the idea of a project that goes in the opposite direction – adult books rewritten for tinies. Titles that spring to mind are:

Lolita The Naughty Dolly

Vanity Fairy

Nausea Goes To The Doctor

The Wild and Wacky World of the Brothers Karamazov

Ayn Rand’s Great Big Atlas

For parents, how about:

Pride, Prejudice and Toilet Training

War and Peace in the Sandpit

Toddler Taming – The Silence of the Lambs

The Big Big Big Sleep


15 thoughts on “Mary Poppins meets American Psycho

  1. Little Dollies
    Our Mutual Babysitter
    Two on a Seesaw
    A Tale of Two Teddies
    Lord of the pillowfights
    Oliver Barleytwist
    The Three mudpies
    The Scarlet Lollipop

  2. Ah, Guy, I like to see you having fun. “Lord of the pillowfights” would be the perfect bedtime read. And what about The Three Mousketeers as an alternative to Mudpies?

  3. The Girl On A Potty.
    The God of Small Thingies.
    The Babes of Wrath.
    No Weewee, No Chocolate.
    The Mystery of Edwin’s Do-Do.
    A Thousand and One Sleepless Nights.
    Lego People Go.
    The Holy Bib.

    Will that do for starters? (Sorry about the scatological obsession; that’s my abiding memory of babies.)

      1. Yay! But why stop at books when there are plays like Waiting for Toddlers or Nursery School for Scandal, or even artworks like The Kindergarten of Earthly Delights?

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