Does your house have cerebral sizzle?


In her ceaseless quest for self-improvement, Gert has been consulting the American magazine Décor for interior decorating ideas.

She felt she wanted something where edge and elegance collide, to use Décor’s words, where the refined mixes fearlessly with the raffish. A bit of rearrangement of the cat’s basket, the clothes horse, the potted cactus and the yoga mat has done wonders. But a big challenge remains. We throw this over to our readers.

How would you design a room to have a feel that is very cashmere-sweater-and-slick-raincoat?

Tantalising, isn’t it? Gert tried scattering a few sweaters carelessly here and there and using her raincoat as a tablecloth, but the overall effect was raffish rather than refined.

Over to you. Send in photos of your redesigned rooms and Gert’s cat will choose a winner.


Image: Wikimedia commons Lavish palace, the Ruler of Ogbunike.jpg


12 thoughts on “Does your house have cerebral sizzle?

  1. I tried a Trilobite encased in stone and geode of amethyst. It’s very anti- “cashmere-sweater-and-slick-raincoat”, but it does have some sparkle.

  2. Edge and elegance colliding? Hmm, edge and elegance go as much together as a workshop and a boudoir, or a garage and a conservatory; can’t picture a saw side by side with a silk dressing-gown, or an oilcan with an oleander.

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