Some new political metaphors



A jelly on a hook : description of a political interview

an anvil in the bath : an inconvenient fact in a sea of spin

kissing a polar bear: voting for Marine Le Pen


Here are a few more you may or may not have heard of. Explanations, please.

a fool in frills

a mouse in the mashed potato

an invisible tree

10 thoughts on “Some new political metaphors

  1. A fool in frills: 1.a politician with no practical policies; a distinctive shadow with no substance; 2. a buffoon in bows (Britishism)

    A mouse in the mashed potato: beware who you vote for, based on their headline promises; caveat emptor

    An invisible tree: 1. the dark side of a politician unseen by the electorate who voted for them; the elephant in the room; 2. the naked emperor under the gaudy transparent clothes

    1. Well done, as always, Chris. Would Boris Johnson qualify as a buffoon in bows? And perhaps Brexit as a mouse in the mashed potato?

      I rather like the idea of an invisible tree being some consequence you run into without having the faintest idea it’ll be there (consequences of Brexit, again, perhaps?)

  2. Boris as buffoon in bows? I suppose if the moptop fits he must wear it. 🙂

    As UK politicians were often caught on camera saying ‘breakfast’ for ‘Brexit’ I guess it must be the dead mouse in the hash brown. 😦

    But I much prefer your notion of the invisible tree as what one hurtles towards unknowing, unseeing; Brexit certainly, but Trump too. I’m minded of the news item (apocryphal perhaps?) of the driver in a trans-Aus race who crashed into the only tree in the desert. Perhaps that’s what you had in mind?

    1. The word “buffoon” certainly does spring to mind whenever I think of Boris.

      So Britain is heading for a dog’s breakfast?

      Was it Margaret Thatcher’s charming son who crashed into the only tree in the desert?

      1. In Boris’ case, buffoonery is partly natural, partly calculated. As for Team GB heading for a dog’s breakfast, I fear that may be so, especially as many benighted souls think it is actually, as we say here in the UKGB&NI, the dog’s b*ll*cks.

        If it was Mark Thatcher, it’s a shame he didn’t do the job properly and put himself out of the picture. Uncharitable of me, but there we are.

  3. Then there’s the proverbial “pig in a poke”. The problem is, anyone can run for an elected position as long as he/she has the financial backing and promises us what he/she thinks we want. It was clearly stated by Canada’s one an only female Prime Minister Kim Campbell, that real issues are never discussed during an election. It makes them less accountable in the end when they fail to deliver.

    1. Trump has a bit of a problem with that in that he loudly and clearly promised so much.ut he seems to have the art of making promises disappear retrospectively.

  4. He’s certainly not the first, but he made so many promises, and such brazen ones, that it’s a bit more obvious when they fail to materialize. On the other hand, many are thankful that the promises weren’t/can’t be kept.

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