Anne of Green Gills, coming to a TV near you.


“Anne With an E” is being overseen, written and co-produced by Moira Walley-Beckett, a “Breaking Bad” writer from Canada who also created “Flesh and Bone,” a 2015 Starz series about the physically and mentally brutal field of ballet. Walley-Beckett won an Emmy for writing “Ozymandias,” the watch-through-your-fingers episode of “Breaking Bad” in which the heroic cop Hank Schrader is slaughtered in the New Mexican desert because of his brother-in-law, the meth lord Walter White. This may seem like a counterintuitive credit for someone updating “Anne of Green Gables,” but it is a signal of the project’s aspirations.

Oh no! What next? Cinderella in a brothel? Little Women sold into slavery? Peter the transgender Rabbit tracked down and slaughtered by the ruthless Rin Tin Tin, who was abandoned as a puppy and grew up in a cruel animal-breeding farm?

10 thoughts on “Anne of Green Gills, coming to a TV near you.

  1. It’s a great novel, however I’m not sure how the latest TV version will turn out. I spell my middle name “Anne” with an E.

    1. I hate to think! In the NYT article there’s reference to Anne having a flashback to being beaten by an employer. I didn’t think she was even old enough to have had an employer.

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