Woop Woop


The car broke down in Woop Woop

I want to live in the city, not somewhere out in Woop Woop

Yes, you could say “Out in the sticks” but it doesn’t have the flair of Woop Woop, does it? That feeling of going slowly out of your mind in trackless wastes.

Translations of Woop Woop from your part of the world?


Image:  Wikimedia commons Nullarbor plain

9 thoughts on “Woop Woop

  1. In Alaska, as in Australia, almost anywhere more than ten miles from the city’s edge is “Woop Woop.” But many people in Alaska, even if they live in a city, are in the state because they fancy themselves as rugged sorts who belong in the trackless forests with a 15,00-foot mountain peak or the Kenai River in the backyard. It’s more romantic than Woop Woop, but I would rather live in the city anyway.

  2. When we lived in Northern Ontario there was a place midway between Deep River and Pembroke called Petawawa where there is a military base. The flat land was where the military did their training so there were flat lands and the occasional blueberry patch. Our Woop Woop would be those Petawawa flat lands. You’d pick berries there at your own risk.

  3. I don’t think you’d get immediate assistance as a non-native speaker if, in the Land of Song, your car broke down in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. You’d also get blank looks if you said Llareggub unless your audience knew their Dylan Thomas.

    A ex-pat Yorkshireman I knew claimed that, as a kid, he and his mates used to wait at a bus-stop en route to the South Yorkshire village of Jump, just so they could ask the irritable bus-driver “Is this bus going to Jump?” When the inevitable answer was a growled “Yes” they just as inevitably replied that they would wait to watch it happen. Not quite Woop Woop, but close.

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