A Bro Called Satan


Gert has an idea for a TV series called A Bro Called Satan. Essentially, it’s a retelling of Paradise Lost. (There’s already a movie by that name, but it’s about drug-smugglers in Colombia).  This is not a spin-off or a reimagining. Gert’s script will be utterly faithful to the narrative of the original. It’s set in Heaven, yes, literally Heaven (see illustration), not a big corporation or a quarrelling royal dynasty or among the mafiosi. There’s God, called God (beard, temper, etc) and Satan (ditto) and the good and bad angels, hell, Adam and Eve, a real serpent and the Garden of Eden. No new characters, no new plot elements. No excuses for Satan on the ground of childhood abuse.  No rapping among the angels he hangs out with. No dissolute local squire complicating things in Eden. The motivations remain the same. The trick will be to translate Milton, to make him cool (or whatever they say these days). Of course, it won’t be in iambic pentameter, but in the relaxed patois of Generation-whatever-we’re-up-to.

This has enormous potential, don’t you think? But Gert is just a little out of touch with the argot of the target audience. Young creatives are encouraged to apply for this exciting opportunity. Spread the word!

Image:  wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5f/Satan_before_the_Lord.jpg

4 thoughts on “A Bro Called Satan

  1. As a geriatric 60-something I have nothing useful to suggest, language-wise. Perhaps actors to play such exalted personages might include Kevin Spacey as God, Russell Brand as Satan, Cate Blanchett as Eve and Russell Crowe as Cain. Perhaps Peter Jackson could film it as a trilogy, with extra material for the extended Blu-Ray edition. Whatya fink?

    1. All good for the blokes, but I had been thinking of a sexy French actress like Ludivine Sagnier for Eve. Blanchett could have a bit part, perhaps an androgynous angel. I had given some thought to the rest of the series. It’s a very long-running saga and still hasn’t finished. The commercial possibilities are YUGE if we can get it right.

  2. There’s a program called Lucifer. He works with another police agent to catch the bad guys. Then he does his number on them.

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