Just in case you’re in a Dada mood


Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin:

Starting now, the content of days will be poured into the demijohn of night. Despair will take on the joyous forms of the end of apple time and will roll like a hail of drums freshly poured on the humid shadow which we use for a coat. The nights will be lengthened to the detriment of days, in broad daylight, according to the rules of the most obstinate and sordid moods. Eggs of light will be piled up on the breasts of buildings. Dreams will be forbidden to accost women in the street.

(Tristan Tzara)

Let us now how much more you want…..

Image: Wikimedia Commons Andre Breton

8 thoughts on “Just in case you’re in a Dada mood

      1. Yet another one of those men who followed them, then verbally accosted them and refused to let them alone until ordered from the store by the manager, then waited for them on the street and followed them for a while. Happens much too often. For some reason when I was younger,I thought that people would have quite doing this sort of thing fifty years on, but I was wrong.

        In any case, I like the Dada. Was this by any chance associated with your discovery of the lost Gertrude Stein manuscript?

  1. That’s why I carry a big stick when walking my daughter’s dog at night. (It really to beat off a coyote should we run into one).

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