What Gert did in Iceland and Sweden


Here is some useful information we have picked up on our travels:

The Grand Hotel in Stockholm in 1867 raised the bar for hotels by being the first to change the sheets between guests.

The Queen of Sweden, Sylvia, is of German-Brazilian origin and speaks 6 languages.

In Iceland it’s possible to stand with one foot on the North American tectonic plate and one on the Eurasian tectonic plate. They are continuing to drift apart but not fast enough to tear you limb from limb.

Bread and beer in Iceland are excellent, but we can’t speak for the cured horse.

The ferry between Denmark and Gothenburg, to quote the Silent Travelling Companion, is like something out of Hieronymus Bosch.

The Museet Moderna in Stockholm has a whole room of Hilma af Klimt (for those who’ve seen “Personal Shopper”) and a room of Marcel Duchamp.

Our scepticism about Yoko Ono’s oeuvre was confirmed by an installation in Copenhagen consisting of trees in tubs decorated with little tags where
you could write a message to bring about world peace.

We are en route via a much more elegant ferry to the saunas and music of Finland.

23 thoughts on “What Gert did in Iceland and Sweden

        1. We debated whether they were the size of primary- school children or perhaps young teenagers. Either way, we wish we had bought you one – though it would have been a bit of a nuisance to add to our luggage and we may have had to buy it a seat on the plane.

  1. Looks like you did a lot of eating and walking in Iceland. Our older daughter is there now. She left here yesterday and will be sending photos back too. How’s the sea food?

  2. I’m going to amuse myself trying to find links between these random titbits of information. Would the Queen of Sweden have her sheets changed depending on which language she chooses to use when staying in Iceland, for example.

    Look forward to more morsels of curious facts!

    1. We will leave it to you chris to mske whatever connections your imagination throws up. Great fans of sylvia and we’re sure she washes her sheets.
      In Aarhus we saw Graubulle Man. This is your homework, to find out all about him.

        1. I remember Grauballe Man from P V Glob (brilliant name!) and his Bog People book from the 60s or early 70s — which, as my Paladin paperback copy fell apart after a decade or so and was chucked out, I need to replace sometime!

  3. Great to read news of your travels! Another friend, recently returned from Iceland, spoke about the very generous state support for writers. Did you find out any more about that?

  4. It sounds as though you’re having an interesting time on your travels…

    I loved Personal Shopper and the Assayas-Stewart dynamic in general! Have you seen the Clouds of Sils Maria? I found it equally beguiling.

    1. We loved the Clouds of Sils Maria, the sexual tension between the two female actors was compelling, but after a beautiful start in Personal Shopper we thought the thread with all the mobile phone messages quite unconvincing. All adding up to a great deal of surface with not much depth. The last scene is v compelling though.

      1. That’s interesting. If anything, I preferred the middle section of Personal Shopper to the opening! One of the things I like about both of these film is the feeling that you’re never quite sure what will happen next. They refuse to follow a conventional narrative structure.

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