On beer


Gert has made firm friends with Icelandic beer in the past few weeks. All the same….

At a feast
the fool chatters
or he stares and stammers.
Just as soon as
his jug is full
ale unveils his mind.


has been too often
been praised by poets.
The longer you drink
the less sense
your mind makes of things.


Better weight
than wisdom
a traveller cannot carry.
A clear head
is good company.
Drink is a dangerous friend.

The Sayings Of The Vikings

Image: http://www.icelandnaturally.com/article/icelandic-beers-perfect-summer

13 thoughts on “On beer

  1. Dear Gert, welcome back from Iceland! Did you try any Brennivin while you were there? Icelanders call it The Black Death and it’s a bit like schnapps (or lighter fuel)….

  2. Glad you’re safely back, hopefully more stirred than shaken, and maybe with a longboat full of anecdotes, bons mots and advice to share with us stay-at-homes? And pictures of people and places? 🙂

    1. Don’t run away from a mountain lion (from a fellow-traveller, American), confirmed in the case of bears by a Finnish person. If you meet a bear, you’ll be OK if you lie down and play dead, as long as you don’t smell like a dead moose. I hope that’ll be of some help to you in rural England, Chris.

      1. Here in rural-ish Wales that’d be useful advice if we came upon a red dragon. Unfortunately we would smell like people which, I understand, dragons are partial to…

          1. I’m even now searching online for Essence of Moose …

            As an English emigre I can hardly take umbrage at Wales relative invisibility. 🙂
            But tell me, do you find the Kiwi accent as indecipherable as us Brits? We’re used to the dulcet tones of Clive James, Germaine Greer, Barry Humphries and Adam Hills, but are not so au fait with those of our cousins further Down Under …

    1. Really good. Lots of fish and the bread in all those countries was fantastic. We learned to eat in the market halls where possible, where there was great range at a relatively reasonable price. Iceland especially is very expensive.
      We tried to look at the Facebook page you recommended Leslie but we aren’t on fb (!!!)and we couldn’t get access. Perhaps you could post some of Gregory’s pictures. Iceland is spectacularly beautiful, as you will have seen from his pics and videos. Did they have a good time?

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