Worst hairstyle for men?

Is it the mullet?

Or the bowl cut? The man bun, or the current favourite, whose name I don’t know, but which is as popular in Denmark as it is in Melbourne? (Very short on one side, then a pile of hair, which needs constant adjusting, carefully combed to the other side.)

No, according to Hadley Freeman in The Guardian, it is none of these. In response to a reader who asked ‘which men’s hairstyle is simply unforgivable?’ She had no hesitation in replying. It is the hair she calls ‘Rich asshole hair’. It is the greasy, combed back hair, what she calls the ‘wet shellacked look,’ of Gordon Gecko in Wall Street.

The young Trumps both sport this hairstyle, as does a mysterious Englishman named James Stunt.

To read her article go here


To express concerns about your own hairstyle, or to thank us for making you aware of the existence of James Stunt, you may comment.

17 thoughts on “Worst hairstyle for men?

  1. I can only concur. For ten years we lived upstairs from an ex-banker with exactly this kind of haircut. He played an inferior version of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah ‘ at 2 in the morning and at maximum volume, was usually drunk and was last spotted loading the landlord’s washing machine into a waiting black cab. On the other hand, my mullets neighbour’s were delightful people in spite of their underworld connections and enormous grey pit bull (who was predictably named Tyson and who was actually rather shy).

  2. I plump for the rat’s tail (aka rattail) sported by aging hippies, rock musicians and wouldbe artists, all of whom are going bald on top but want to flaunt the fact that they can still grow the hair at the sides and the back of their head — never mind that it’s greyer and sparser than ever. It’s usually clear that they don’t subscribe to the urban myth that bald men are sexier, not realising that rat’s tails must be the greatest turn-off ever.

      1. I’m prepared to be, well, not offensive but critical and advisory: it doesn’t look good, please don’t do it, accept the inevitable and cut the queue.

    1. At least the man-bun is usually worn by younger men who often have the elan (and the thick growth of hair) to carry it off.

      For sheer pretentiousness though I’d nominate the combination of man-bun and hipster facial hair (primped, crimped, pimped and oiled moustache and beard) — not an art-form I warm to.

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