Guilt of the Blyton variety

1957reprintlilianbuchanan4A great many of the books left me feeling with racked with guilt because I kept identifying with the least-sympathetic characters, the ones who were a little bit lazy, the ones who were bad at sport, so I think I was quite aware from the start that there was a great deal of judgment built into the way those books were written….

Nakul Krishna, Cambridge philosopher, on reading his sister’s Enid Blyton books at the age of ten (secretly, because boys weren’t supposed to like that sort of thing).

Did Enid Blyton have that effect on you?


12 thoughts on “Guilt of the Blyton variety

  1. I have it in the back of my mind that I ought to tackle the odd Blyton Malory Towers book and Brent-Dyer Chalet School title. As Emily has a vintage copy of one of the latter series on her shelves I might start with that first.

    I enjoyed many of the Famous Five and Secret Seven books when I was a pre-teen and early teen, but recently retackling the first two in the series was as much as I could manage. Who did I identify with? George sometimes, Julian at other times, but to be honest of the four humans none of them really fitted my temperament, being either impulsive (George), wishy-washy (Anne), a nonentity (Dick) or sensibly bossy (Julian). Perhaps I was really Timmy, without a care in the world …

    1. But you’ve missed out on Fatty and Pip and Bets and Mr Goon, and Claudine at St Clares and the Adventure books…you could spend the rest of your life reading Enid Blyton!

      1. Thanks for the kind offer, but according to the diary all my appointments for the immediate future are already booked; but I’ll let you know of any cancellations…


  2. In the forties my friend Mary used to read a magazine called Sunny Stories .(research reveals that it was later called Enid Blyton’s Sunny Stories). Apparently it was written and edited by Enid Blyton but she was only credited with the editing . I preferred Film Fun with its cartoon strips of Laurel and Hardy etc.

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