Who am I?

Gert was intrigued when she heard this on her trusty radio:

Who am I? I was born in 1820 into a wealthy and well-connected British family. As a child, my hobby was building statistical tables in which I captured trends in the vegetable output from our garden . At my request, I was tutored in mathematics for two hours every day. I became a maths tutor myself, before applying for a position as a superintendent in the British military. I was deployed to the battlefield where I collected extensive data on soldier mortality rates, and this formed the basis of an 850-page report that I published in 1858. My report saved countless thousands of lives by prompting major reforms in hospital practices. I helped to establish the International Statistical Congress and I served as a data consultant to the US army in the American Civil War. I also invented the polar area diagram, and I pioneeered the infographic. I was elected to the Royal Statistical society and… I became the first female member at the age of just 38. I died a legend amongst statisticians at the age of 90. I am, of course….


10 thoughts on “Who am I?

    1. I find tat hard to believe. I think she was pretty strait-laced. She did have something called Crimean Fever, not surprising when you consider the conditions she worked nder.

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