Miles Franklin shortlist

If you’re looking for some Aus fiction, you might like to browse the finalists in the Miles Franklin, Australia’s foremost novel prize:

Emily Maguire An Isolated Incident

Mark O’Flynn The Last Days of Ava Langdon

Ryan O’Neill Their Brilliant Careers (Cheeky Ryan- Miles Franklin’s best-known book is called My Brilliant Career)

Philip Salom Waiting

Josephine Wilson Extinctions

Gert has read three of these – Maguire, O’Neill and O’Flynn, which we reviewed here. O’Neill is fun, Maguire is a skilful crime novel, but of the three our money would be on O’Flynn.

Philip Salom is a well-known poet and Waiting is described as poetic and lyrical, with a humorous bent.. Josephine Wilson’s book is about a grumpy old man grudgingly learning something about life and love.
We’ll turn our beady eyes to both.


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