Oh my Lord, it’s Eloise again

If you happen to be in New York, Eloise at the Museum is at the New York Historical Society until October 9th.

“Oh, I love Eloise!” many people have said to me when I told them I was writing about her. Then they narrowed their eyes at me – and I knew they were thinking, as I was, “But she’s not yours; she’s mine.”

She’s definitely mine. But what, I wonder, do 30-somethings of today, brought up in a celebrity- and product-obsessed culture that has no room for irony, make of Eloise’s inspired flights of thought?

Or you can go to the Flea Market
Voici what they have there
this red feather fan
or this fur piece
or this wedding dress
or these elephant tusks
if you need something like that
and quite a lot of other rawther valuable things
I got two champagne corks
and had them shipped back to the United States
They were rawther a bargain.
(Eloise in Paris)

Hilary Knight, the illustrator, and Eloise are twin souls. Who else could have captured her devilish panache as she sklathes and skibbles through high society?



4 thoughts on “Oh my Lord, it’s Eloise again

  1. Adore Eloise, and most happy to share. Sorry to miss the exhibit! We did have lunch in the Palm Court, years ago (after going to the top of the World Trade Towers), with the kids (who had heard Eloise at their mother’s knee from an early age). One day, we’ll go again.

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