So you want to write a book?


Of course you do. Everybody does these days. And as one of our most popular characters has said, ‘How hard could it be?’*

Life is busy, and the Inner Critic is strong, but we have found the help you need.

A Book Doula!

For a negotiated sum (prices vary) you can have a nurturing guide devoted just to you (and other writers who can afford the fee). This guide is not a professional writer, but a sympathetic and supportive friend. (If you’ve never even heard of a doula, you clearly need this help).

Of the three quoted in a recent article, Ali Lawrence states, ‘I’m not a publisher, I’m not an agent. I’m a partner in reaching your book goal’. Bethany Beams works as a birth doula and a book doula, and Ariane Conrad offers the most hands-on approach, ‘You might ask me to write a draft that you can make your own. I might interview you and shape a strong consistent narrative from the material. I will probably do background research, editing, proofing.’

So what are you waiting for? Get out that dog-eared manuscript – no, wait, you don’t even need that if you go with Ariane – and your tattered copy of The Artist’s Way.

But why stop at that? If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a brain surgeon, bank robber, soothsayer or serial killer, but just haven’t had the time, help is at hand. Sign up to Gert’s new service Houley Douley™ and for a small fee we’ll put you in touch with a doula who’ll help you realise your heart’s desire.

Read the full story here

* Writing Is Easy John Brow


9 thoughts on “So you want to write a book?

  1. Why not unload the most tedious tasks onto her? She professes to be able to fulfill all your writerly needs (for a price) and as she specialises in non-fiction she should be well up with footnoting.

  2. Always someone getting in the way of people and their money.
    I talked to a retired civil servant a year or so ago who had written the most awful trash. He was trying to self publish but since he was counting on my ignorance, he was bragging about how he and the Mrs were going off on a cruise to scout out agents, attend seminars and learn about marketing. A cruise might be a more pleasant way to be ripped off, but that’s still what it was.

    1. That’s a new one. A ‘how to get published cruise’. There’d be a big market for that I’d say. And how about weight loss cruises, makeover cruises, find a new partner cruises….

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