A tiny little snack


Gert discovered a lot of interesting facts in The Guardian’s review of The Gannet’s Gastronomic Miscellany by Killian Fox. Can you choose from this selection of the rich and famous for each diet?

Jackie Collins, Lucien Freud, the Queen, Hunter S. Thompson, Marlon Brando, Dolly Parton, Thoreau, Balzac, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, Winston Churchill, Gwyneth Paltrow, Oscar Wilde, Gauguin, Jackie Onassis, Pope Benedict.

Here’s a hint to get you started: Pope Benedict is not the bloody marys.

• saucer-sized pains aux raisins or Portuguese custard tarts with extra- milky coffees
• 50 cups of coffee a day, and pure coffee grounds on an empty stomach
• peanut butter by the jarful, boxes of cinnamon buns and huge breakfasts consisting of cornflakes, sausages, eggs, bananas and cream, and pancakes drenched in maple syrup
• four bloody marys, two grapefruits, a pot of coffee, Rangoon crepes, a half-pound of either sausage, bacon or corned beef hash with diced chillies, a Spanish omelette or eggs benedict, a quart of milk
• raw fruit (at least 75% by weight) and a sprinkling of nuts and seeds.
• even water was an indulgence he would gladly have shunned
• one baked potato a day stuffed with beluga caviar and sour cream


Image: http://public-domain.zorger.com/a-book-of-nonsense/051-cartoon-of-a-man-with-a-giant-open-mouth-eating-a-plate-of-fish-public-domain.php

11 thoughts on “A tiny little snack

  1. I think Elvis had his peanut butter and jam sandwiches deep fried. (kind of turns your stomach, mind you, I still like peanut butter, just not deep fried) . I bet Jackie Onassis would have gone for the “one baked potato a day stuffed with beluga caviar and sour cream”. I think she was heavily into amphetamines to keep so thin.
    I hope you’ll give us the answers to these Gert.

    1. You’re on the moneywith Jackie O. Apparently she watched the scales like a hawk and stopped eating if she put on even a smidgeon.

      The Elvis-like menu, peanut butter etc, was Marlon Brando. He was a rubbish-food junkie according to the article.

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