Fool presumptuousness

The prime fact is that all humans are puffed-up by their extreme self-satisfaction with their own brute power. Unless some creature more powerful than people arrives on earth to bully, them, there’s just no knowing to what dire lengths their fool presumptuousness will eventually carry them.

I am a cat Soseki Natsume, Book 1 p 33. (Charles E. Tuttle Co 1972)


3 thoughts on “Fool presumptuousness

  1. Hmmmm – our cat comes when called (about half the time), sits on command (mostly), and has trained me to feed him when he makes it known that he desires food. It has only taken us fourteen years to get to this point. I do know people who take their cat out on a leash, and if I ever get time that might be interesting for both of us. But he hates to go to the vet.

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