A Christmas present for the upwardly-mobile baby


The New York Review of Books recommends this as a Christmas gift for your tiny.
The blurb says:
Introduce your bébé to the world of Victor Hugo with 10 words and phrases from the classic Les Miserables: A French Language Primer. Colorful, eye-catching illustrations of characters and objects from the novel pair with French translations you’ll want to hear your baby say again and again.

We’re wondering what the 10 phrases might be. A quick scan of the chapter headings of Les Mis suggested some. Wouldn’t it be delightful to hear your bébé lying in his cot cooing: Chez Bombarda?

Tiger Mothers will love the articulatory challenge posed by something like Perspicacité de Mâitre Scaufflaire

Mort d’un cheval as a mild curse is much preferable to the nasty words other kids will teach him as soon as he hits kindergarten.

And you know how babies gaze deeply at you and make some profound but unintelligible utterance? Here’s one that will appeal to any harried parent:

Philosophie après boire


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