Chains of marshmallows


A rather ascetic friend recently confessed to an addiction for marshmallows, which made Gert think of this well-known saying:
Man is born free, and everywhere is in chains of marshmallows

Some more sprang to mind:

For football hooligans: We shall fight them on the bleachers

For sugar addicts: The teeth decay, the teeth decay and fall

For racing fans: The horses! The horses! My kingdom for the geegees!

For car hijackers: Give me your Porsches, your tyres,
your headlamps, chassis, burning to race free

For gluttons? Video-game addicts? Weight-lifters?

4 thoughts on “Chains of marshmallows

  1. For gluttons? “Oh that this too, too solid flesh would melt and resolve itself into a shake.” Video-game addicts? “Tomorrow and tomorrow creeps on this petty pace to the last solution of this multi-platform game.” Weight-lifters? “Oh that this too, too solid weight would melt, sore are my muscles, d’you know?”

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