Looking for new Aussie crime?


I recently read The Student, by Iain Ryan, which was recommended in one of those newspaper end-of-year roundups. High-paced, hardboiled regional noir says the blurb, and it’s all of that. A campus novel with a difference, involving a student who makes his money dealing drugs for a charismatic friend who ends up dead. Drugs, sex, violence, being chased by bikies…definitely not my kind of thing but it’s horribly well-done. For those who are on the lookout for new Aussie voices in crime – I’m lookin’ at you, Guy – the publisher Echo http://www.echopublishing.com.au is worth a look. There are several new crime writers – Cath Ferla, Emma Viskic, Gary Kemble – who sound pretty interesting.

11 thoughts on “Looking for new Aussie crime?

  1. Some of the cool young in my life are raving over Jane Harper’s crime novels. The Dry and Force of Nature.

    She is described as an English born Australian writer. As she is not a member of parliament I assume she can be counted as an Aussie.

    Other Gert

    1. Who dunnit is the least of his troubles. Where are the drugs and the money the bikies want is the real question. Don’t get on the wrong side of the bikies, is my advice to you, Leslie.

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