A song for Australia Day


It was Australia Day on January 26th, so there’s a lot of chest-thumping nationalism going on. Here’s Gert’s contribution, an extract from that great Australian work by Norman Lindsay, The Magic Pudding.

It’s one of the most frightful things that’s ever happened,” said

“It’s worse than treading on tacks with bare feet,” said Sam.

“It’s worse than bein’ caught stealin’ fowls,” said Bill.

“It’s worse than bein’ stood on by cows,” said Sam.

“It’s almost as bad as havin’ an uncle called
Aldobrantifoscofornio,” said Bill, and they both sang loudly–

“It’s worse than weevils, worse than warts,
It’s worse than corns to bear.
It’s worse than havin’ several quarts
Of treacle in your hair.

“It’s worse than beetles in the soup,
It’s worse than crows to eat.
It’s worse than wearin’ small-sized boots
Upon your large-sized feet.

“It’s worse than kerosene to boose,
It’s worse than ginger hair.
It’s worse than anythin’ to lose
A Puddin’ rich and rare.”

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