Gert on air

Gert was interviewed on local radio this week, along with Mick McCoy, author of What The Light Reveals. Here’s the link to the audio of the program. Gert’s interview follows Mick’s.
Mick McCoy’s novel deals with a fascinating period in Australia’s history when we had our very own McCarthyism after the defection of Vladimir Petrov, a Soviet embassy secretary, in 1945. Mick’s uncle, a member of the Communist party, was caught up in the repercussions. Our trusty library has the book and we’ll be reviewing it soon.

14 thoughts on “Gert on air

  1. Smiled a lot during your interview, Gert, loved how you managed to create the illusion that there were two of you — great voice throwing! Creating a dual persona, now that’s … stop it, I’m writing this reply, you can have your turn next paragraph! … difficult, believe me!

    Eleanor Bron, what a stunner! I remember her from black and white 60s TV. When, a year or so back, Emily and I went to a chamber concert in the Wigmore Hall in London, who should be sitting in the next seat but one from the living legend herself. The intermediate seat was taken by her coat and a laptop, which she occasionally picked up at interludes in the concert to tap away at. The look she gave when we arrived and recognised her was pure witchery — “Don’t look at me, don’t talk to me, ignore my presence…” We did as we were voicelessly told, of course.

    Me again. So sorry, can’t manage Kindle so will never have the joy of revisiting the characters brought to life in this broadcast. Do interest a publishing house in producing hard copies. Please …

    Signing off now … My turn again! No, don’t press SEND … Too late. Bye!

    1. As it happens, Chris, via our spies we have access to your email address – would you like us to send you a PDF of W is Easy? Still means reading it on screen, of course…

      1. How unexpected — Would you? I’d be so grateful. You know I’d gladly have got a hard copy. Can’t guarantee I’d read it all through in one go, but I do promise to review it! (No, not a threat at all! Really impressed by the discussion, and I do like a bit of wryness in what I read.)

        1. We’d be happy to. We love people to enjoy our books, and we think you would, though the one that would probably appeal most to you is Crane Mansions. If you like W is Easy we can send you CM later on.

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