Women In Trees


Gert has for a long time had a plan to write a book called Men Who Live In Cupboards. So she was surprised to come across something that could be a companion piece, called Women In Trees (2016) followed recently by More Women In Trees.

The German photographer Jochen Raiß discovered, through old photos he found at flea markets and in junk shops, that primly dressed women all over Germany, from the twenties to the fifties, posed in trees during Sunday strolls.


 Yes, these are photos of women in trees. Both books are best-sellers. Why?

Is Men Who Live In Cupboards destined for best-seller status?

It’s a bit spooky that in a past life Gert wrote a poem called A Lifetime In A Tree:

Under my knees the bark rasps,

friendly.  I never need to go back.

With a teapot and a toaster

I could stay in this tree for a good long life

for company,  a quiet chortle of chooks

under their pointed roof of tin…










14 thoughts on “Women In Trees

  1. Lovely post, Gert and such an evocative poem, what with the images and alliteration. And that unexpected juxtaposition — “Under my knees the bark rasps, | friendly” — not what I’d have put together but yet so familiar and therefore so apt.

  2. I have a picture of myself in a tree when I was about 13 years old. We had an old apple orchard and those trees are wonderful to climb.

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