You all know that this week marked the anniversary of the death, and probably birth, of Shakespeare, but did you know about his three Twitter accounts?  As always, he’s an over achiever  – Sylvia Plath has only one account, as does Oscar Wilde.  Virginia Woolf has only one, but, never one of the hoi polloi, she tweets in Korean. I believe Kim Jong Un is an avid follower.

William, Sylvia, Oscar and Virginia won’t follow you, but you can follow them for useful advice and solace.

Here are a few that Gert, were she a twitterer, might be inclined to follow:  Machiavelli, Satan, The Blob, the Archangel Gabriel and the Hound of the Baskervilles.

Who would you go to for Twitter advice?


Image:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/10159247@N04/40395305584


11 thoughts on “WillShak@Creamfacedloon

  1. I follow Chaucer Doth Tweet (on Twitter, natch) but find a few others I follow retweet him so I suppose I don’t really need to. @LeVostreGC texts Geoffrey’s postmortem utterances in Middle Englishe and that adds a certain authenticity to his ex cathedra statements, I find. It also helps that I’m on the same political side of the fence, broadly speaking.

    I also follow Joan Aiken’s cockney sparrow heroine Dido Twite on Twitter, but she hasn’t tweeted anything much recently. I expect she’s all grown up now, and has better things to do rescuing royalty and defeating conspiracies… 😁

    Your Kate Dwyer link proved interesting. I’m now wondering if, should I ever get round to it, which deceased personality would I masquerade as? And how long before I got bored?

      1. Yes, I could be Crusoe: I live on an island and wear rough clothes. But I draw the line at chasing goats.

        Chaucer was/is reputedly a spy, so maybe hard to establish his allegiances, but his tweets seem slightly left of centre…

        1. I have the impression that he’s pretty canny and hedging his bets.
          I listen to a podcast called The History Of Philosophy Without Any Gaps and recently there was a humourless woman boring on about the Wife of Bath and Ch’s view of violence against women. She couldn’t quite work out where he stood.

  2. I started a Twitter account but never tweeted. I just couldn’t get into it. I guess I’m not a follower or else I’m not a tweeter.

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