Dancing with dogs


Where has Gert been the last 10 years that she didn’t know about the booming sport of dancing with dogs? As always Aus is well behind the game. But Melbourne’s Next Wave Festival has come up with a novel idea.  The real dancing dogs have years of training, but the dogs in the Next Wave are ordinary domestic pets – it’s the dance equivalent of karaoke.

So have a look at the video and get out into the garden with puppy – gladiator costume is optional. I’m off to try it with my cat.


10 thoughts on “Dancing with dogs

  1. Amazing. Gotta love it: those people spend a LOT of time with their dogs, and I always like to see people with passion. Incredible that the last dog was a Newfoundland. Wouldn’t expect to see that breed in this sort of activity.

  2. Sending this to the real Chicken Lady who breeds Aussie Shepherds, and has a herd of five of them (they are good with the geese).

    Pretty sure our cat Quaxo would not be interested, for any amount of treats.

    The Viking wins, hands down, for sheer drama and strangeness.

    Thanks, Gert!

    1. The list of other performances in the sidebar is a slippery slope – you could spend the whole day watching. I did see a Canadian lady who looked rather like you, Leslie. Have you been moonlighting?

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