A wedding you’ll never forget


With weddings in the news (and who among you didn’t watch the recent Royal Wedding?) we have some suggestions of what not to do when planning one of your own. There are perils to be avoided far worse than gospel preachers.

 As an owl-fancier Gert was drawn to this dramatic tale of a feral owl at a wedding. They do advise actors not to work with animals or children*, and that’s good advice for weddings too. You could probably get away with a sheep: there’s less potential for bodily injury to your guests, but it doesn’t have quite the cachet of an owl. In Australia, a wombat would make a nice addition to a wedding, but kangaroos and emus should be avoided if at all possible.

As for the other silly wedding ideas the article lists, one of the most annoying is the wedding held a long way away in a place you’ve never wanted to go. A hilarious twist on this that I don’t think anyone has thought of yet is that when you get there, all 200 of you, you find the bride and groom aren’t there. They had a registry office wedding and went off by themselves to an island. Now that’s a wedding everyone would remember. What a hoot! (no owls intended)


*As W.C. Fields said of women and elephants, nice to look at but I wouldn’t wanna own one.


Images: Wikimedia Commons


22 thoughts on “A wedding you’ll never forget

  1. I don’t know, he seems very taken with you. I am sure you could persuade him to renew your vows in a special ceremony involving fire and dancing in some inaccessible location.

  2. As Bugwoman i have a particular dislike of the fad of releasing clouds of (usually non-native) butterflies, which subsequently starve or freeze to death. A wonderful way to celebrate the nuptials….

  3. Our invention, but I do prefer the long-winded French way of describing those who are about to get married, ‘Ils se lancent dans la vie conjugale’, with its suggestion of throwing oneself.

    1. “They embark on married life?” — sound as if it’s trailing a whole host of gifts, thank you notes, and obligations, along with some eye-opening initiations into arguments about dishes and dinner invitations.

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