Darwin Awards


Gert recently learned of the Darwin Awards, given to people ‘who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it’.

Since we had a recent post on schadenfreude, you may enjoy the prizewinner who pushed his girlfriend into freezing water in a fit of rage, jumped in and kept trying to hold her head underwater. But she could swim and he couldn’t. He succumbed to hypothermia and she escaped.

He was admitted to hospital in a coma so he probably never knew he had been charged with ‘attempted homicide for low motives’. He died on, of all days, February 14.

Another worthy winner is the man who had a heart attack when he got his head stuck under a cinema seat while trying to retrieve his phone.

The male of the species features heavily in the awards – right down to woolly mammoths. Fossilized  remains found stuck in bogs or entombed in glaciers are most likely to be male. As a mammoth expert said, ‘ In many species males tend to do somewhat stupid things that end up getting them killed in silly ways.’  Who knew?

And oh  what fun, still on the swimming and schadenfreude theme:

Berlin: A prominent far-right leader who dismissed the Nazi era as mere bird poop on Germany’s 1000-year history was swimming in a lake near his house one evening recently, when a man on the shore grabbed his clothes.

The thief’s parting words: “Nazis don’t need bathing fun!”



Image: Wikimedia Commons




8 thoughts on “Darwin Awards

  1. Delightful! We love the Darwin Awards. Alaska sometimes seems to be a good spot for such behavior. I believe that the subject has to die, in order to actually be designated an awardee, so we often have people who fall short of that, but who provide good examples nonetheless.

    And just for the record, on a completely different Alaskan topic, our neighbor just asked if we had seen any bear scat this year. Not yet.

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