Well, scrage my spuggy


Thanks to the indefatiguable Chicken Lady who has put us on to the list of updates to the OED, hot off the press. A prize of the hot cross bun Gert found behind the sofa for anyone who can explain the following sentence:

She’s a right Jenny Greenteeth, a plazzy scutchell, tarblish and a  bit utchy, not exactly cromulent, but definitely on the grufty side.


10 thoughts on “Well, scrage my spuggy

  1. I’m definitely not in for the hot cross bun (although Chicken Lady deeply appreciates the chance to contribute to Gert’s observations), but Jenny Greenteeth might be up for it if you could recruit her to respond. Sounds as if she would be more of a mardy bum than a bubele, but definitely not of the hipoisie.

  2. All I know of Jenny Greenteeth is that she’s a nursery bogey, a scummy water nixie who grabs unwary children who stray too near pools and streams and drags them down to be drowned and gnawed. Others include Peggy Powler and the denizen of Janet’s Foss. (Most of these sinister sirens seem to hail from the North of England.)

    Anyway, knowing this, one can guess at the import of all the epithets ascribed to her in this passage. They’ll not be complimentary, I’ll be guessing.

  3. So definitely not a member of the hipoiserie, as Teri suspected. But now that I know this I’ll have to revise my description – she may be tarblish but defnitely not grufty.

  4. Now I had to go look up the difference between hipoisie and hipoiserie. No real definitions for either, so going by context, sounds as if they are variations on the same term. Google gives only three uses of hipoiserie, all between 2010 and 2016 in the Los Angeles area, and all three in the context of restaurant reviews. The general meaning seems to be “Hip people who eat out at hip places.”

    Hipoisie has a much better pedigree, having been used since at least 1982, and seems to be definable as hip bourgeoisie. It’s used in the context of Brooklyn gentrification, music, and lifestyle. My favorite is American Greeting Cards definitions of five different lifestyles that it wanted to make cards for: “hipoisie, rowdy, new traditional, town and country, and family focus” (if your lifestyle does not fit into one of those categories, you’ll have to shop for your greeting cards elsewhere).

    Whether hipoisie or hipoiserie, members of the group are definitely not tarblish for many who spend time around them.

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