Do-it-yourself Roman feast


Are you up for a meal of stuffed sow’s uterus, rabbit fetuses, peacock tongues, milk-fed snails, pickled sea urchins, and dormice rolled in poppyseeds and honey?  Do you like to dine lying down, eating with your fingers or with implements made of antlers, wood or bronze, entertained by acrobats, dancing girls, gladiatorial fights, mime, pantomime, and even trained animals, such as lions and leopards?  Then head for Guy Grossi’s new restaurant in Perth, ‘Garum’, which claims to be inspired by the feasting style of ancient Rome.

But wait. Just as Gert was about to rush off and book her ticket for Perth, she checked the website. Not a dormouse, antler or gladiator to be found. Just about the only ancient Roman thing is the garum itself, which is made of fish intestines fermented in brine. You could do that at home (but be warned – it’s an extremely smelly process).  Then pull up the sofa, pop the dormice in the oven, call the rent-a-gladiator service and have a nice night at home.


8 thoughts on “Do-it-yourself Roman feast

  1. I must reread Petronius’ Satyricon, if only to marvel at the excesses of the diners, only partially captured by Fellini’s cinematic retelling of the hero’s odyssey through and among the decadent flesh pots of the Roman Empire. Garum should be trying to recreate that atmosphere methinks.

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