A tricky moral question


One of the Gerts (we won’t say which one) has taken up weight-lifting.  Yes, really.

And she seems to be a natural.  So much so that her trainer said,

“You were athletic as a kid, I can tell.”

“No,” said Gert, who cannot tell a lie.

“Yes, you were, I can always tell,” he insisted.

Dear reader, in fact Gert spent her childhood stretched out on the sofa eating chocolate biscuits and reading Enid Blyton, Billy Bunter, P.G. Wodehouse and a host of other fellow-travellers.

The question is, does she have a moral obligation to tell her trainer, or does the loss of face he would suffer, and the blow to his confidence, outweigh the demands of honesty?


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19 thoughts on “A tricky moral question

  1. Gert, I would say that your trainer isn’t overburdened with listening skills, or underendowed with self- confidence. I would allow him to proceed in his delusion (unless it becomes a danger to life or limb). Sometimes the truth is more effort than it’s worth.

  2. Jim says “choose your battles carefully.” Unless the trainer is a Wodehouse fan, he really would not appreciate your accomplishment. Regina is powerlifting, but she is in a different age group so you are not likely to be competing against her. And in any case you did not hint that you were competing. . .

  3. I’m surprised no one has noted that to carry the combined works of Blyton, Wodehouse et Al (hmm, what did Al write?) to your sofa and back again requires a great deal of weightlifting—it’s not just intellectual muscles that demand exercise where reading is concerned! 🙂

  4. I think you should ask the trainer why he can ‘always tell’. It seems more than just a remark made in passing, of the kind that trainers and other gym staff are wont to indulge in. The answer might be interesting.

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