Bunfight at the bowlo


They might be full of pensioners and tea-cosy knitting marmalade makers, but … the average bowls club is a pit of vipers.  Bullying. Backbiting. White-anting. Fallings-out are uncommonly common. There are personality clashes, etiquette breaches, temper tantrums.

This is a dinky-di Aussie story that will delight the Gert-minded among you: a disagreement that started with a faulty dishwasher on Ladies’ Fiesta Day and ended up in the Supreme Court of Queensland with a case of denial of natural justice. Another case of alleged cheating might have ended up in the same place; it had almost cost the complainant his marriage and his sanity when an understanding solicitor, four years into the process, advised him to see a psychiatrist – “quite good advice”, he says himself, which he followed.  But Robyn Perren wasn’t having any of that psychiatrist malarkey. Barred from the club by a members’ vote after the incident with the dishwasher (or was it about the recycled coleslaw, as the press claimed?) she went for the jugular of the Nambour Bowls Club.

It’s Midsomer Murders with a Queensland flavour – well, no murders, but you can see the possibilities, can’t you?  Perhaps there’s a book in it….



Image:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/8044854@N02/5530658022

17 thoughts on “Bunfight at the bowlo

  1. Sitting in our small hotel room in Homer, Alaska, a half-block from the ocean, and halfway around the world, and reading about bowls, recycling coleslaw (!), and judicial decisions in favor of the heroine (perhaps protagonist is better) of the story in South Queensland. Marvelous. I especially like “white-anting.” Thanks, Gert.

  2. That is a most sublime tea cosy.

    “some say Robyn picked up the cutlery tray and slammed it on the benchtop; others say she slammed it back into the machine. One woman claimed Robyn actually threw the cutlery tray on the floor. “There were knives and forks all over the place.”

    Oh dear! Trouble in dinky-di land. Where is Miss Marple? Get her on a plane immediately.

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