The Box Of Stars

The Box Of Stars: A Practical Guide To The Night Sky And To Its Myths And Legends (Catherine Tennant)


If you want to get to know the constellations in your sky, here’s the way to do it.  The Box Of Stars has 32 cards with holes pierced in them to mark the stars of each constellation.  They were first published in London in 1825.  The holes glitter when you hold them up to the light so you can learn the shape of the constellation and know what to look for in the night sky. There are maps of the northern and southern hemisphere from which you can tell which constellations to look for at which times. And then there are the stories behind the figures in each constellation.

I saw this in a holiday house I stayed at recently, and now I have my very own copy. As soon as it warms up a bit, I’ll be out there every night learning about the sky over my house. It would make a great Christmas present….


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