The time bank app



Gert started thinking about this after reading about an (imaginary) app called LovStat that records how much your partner loves you. It counts how many times he/she brings you a cup of tea in bed, cuddles you, says ‘I love you’, and so on. This allows you to find out where you stand on the Global Lovedness Index.

What’s another app we need? Something Gert has always wanted is a way of saving the time you have left over when you’re early for something so you can use it when you’re running late. Surely a smart young geek could design an app for this? Even better, monetarise it, so that your time is stored in a central bank for a fee and you pay a fee every time you withdraw it.  And you could sell your spare time to someone else if you don’t need it.

But then perhaps people would start gaming the system, by arriving so early for appointments that they have days of spare time. There’d be so much of it sloshing round that you couldn’t give it away.  Clearly Gert needs to give this more thought… Ideas, please.


Image: Wikimedia Commons sand clock


17 thoughts on “The time bank app

  1. Send it to Alaska so that we can have some for cleaning up this earthquake mess. Large amounts will be welcome, so that we can relax even with the wind now howling (literally) around our ears, and the forecast of rain and then up to 8 inches of new snow tomorrow night. The test of lovedness in this situation is whether the partner is right there cleaning up alongside (answer is yes, of course, in this case).

    1. If we sent you enough, perhaps we could extend the time before the earthquake hit for long enough for people to get 100% prepared. Theoretically you could extend it so long that it wouldn’t happen in any of our lifetimes…

  2. Time’s money, that’s what they say. What I hacks me off is when people hack into my ‘me time’, coldcalling on the phone, trying to sell me household items on the doorstep or asking to open my heart to Jesus. I feel like handing them an invoice for the amount of my time wasted. So, maybe an app for giving a visual indication onscreen of the money totting up? ⏳

  3. Gert you’re clearly onto something. Since tradition employment seems to on the wane we have to be able to monetize these things and ideas.

  4. A friend of mine once put forward the idea of a ‘memory bank’ – well before the days of apps. Her memory bank earnt interest. Would your time bank app do the same? Would the creators of different versions compete for business by offering better interest rates? Are we ever free of the profit motive?

    1. How does that work? Do you sell a good memory or trade a horrible one for a few not so bad ones?
      There would certainly have to be competition, as we’re told that it leads only to good outcomes. There would be special offers too where you can get a few years at the price of a few weeks. This is starting to look like a real proposition!

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