22 thoughts on “How many of our readers pass the test?

  1. Alors, c’est moi. To a T. I’m a man, I admit (a wannabe New Man, in fact). I do still write (even though my thumbs are more muscle bound these days) though I can’t remember the last time I wrote an actual epistolary document. And I’m not teetotal as—providing I’m not driving—I’ve been known to have a half-glass of wine or a small bottle of lager when pressed to do so. It’s a hard life…

    1. I knew you would sing agreeably and in tune, Chris, but I’m happy to hear you have the other attributes. I hereby declare you an excellent man.

  2. and for the woman what are the measures? I need a few tips on idleness. I just spent the last few hours making two tourtieres, a mince pie and a dozen mince tarts.

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