Sweet and sour cane-toad


Invasive animals such as cats, rats, and in Australia cane-toads take a huge toll on native birds, mammals and reptiles.

If you want to do something about it, perhaps you could follow the advice of Kirsha  Kaechele and “eat the problem”.  Kaechele is the partner of David Walsh, the owner of the cutting-edge MONA gallery in Hobart.  You don’t go to MONA to have a relaxing time, but Kaechele’s Eat The Problem exhibition is really pushing it:

In collaboration with longstanding Mona chef Vince Trim, Kaechele has designed a nine-course degustation feast, some of which is based on recipes in the book, which include sweet-and-sour cane-toad legs, myna-bird parfait, fox tikka masala and, most controversially, coal-roasted cat.

You’ll find the recipes in the book that accompanies the exhibition, a book that veers from the surreal to the fantastical and was five years in the making.



Image: Wikimedia Commons ggallice Cane Toad Portrait

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