A poem for Mothers’ Day


It’s Mothers’ Day here in Aus, and so Gert went browsing for a good mother poem. Yes, I know Seamus Heaney has some, and Les Murray, but this wry little piece appealed:

 I’d known her all my life,

nursed her for seven years

night and day


yet when last night I lay down to sleep

I heard myself say

as if to someone else


what a splendid lady

I wish I’d known her better


Michael Shepherd    poemhunter.com


Image Old Book Illustrations:Queen Of Laputa

7 thoughts on “A poem for Mothers’ Day

  1. I like the idea of my mother as the Queen of Laputa, and myself as a charming little boy with actual curls and a winsome costume of knee pants and a Turkish jacket. Thank you —

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